Individualized nutrition programs and health coaching

We are passionate about the power of nutrition to transform health and lead to greater happiness.  We work with clients to resolve digestive disorders, lose weight, improve autoimmune conditions, and achieve personal health goals.   

What Clients are Saying...

Working with Laura has taught me so much about my body and what it needs to function optimally. I was surprised by the process and how much my overall health and energy have improved based on the changes I've made since I started my program with her.  -- Gene

Laura was instrumental to my weight loss program. She gave me a specific diet plan, explained what I had to do, sent me lots of meal and recipe suggestions, and provided much-appreciate support and inspiration. --Marcelo

As I struggled to make sense of competing dietary philosophies and experimented with being a vegetarian and then a vegan, Laura helped me to find the optimal diet for me. She is incredibly knowledgeable and offered a lot of practical support, all of which made it possible for me to finally feel confident that my diet is contributing to my overall health.   --Tracy     

I am very grateful to Laura for helping me when I was diagnosed with IBS. She gave me practical advice and helped me to figure out what i could and couldn't eat based on my condition. Having IBS means devoting time to figuring out what foods are right for you, and Laura worked with me every step of the way. Her guidance and support were essential to my healing! --Sage

Laura gave me the support I needed to get my health on track. Meeting with her regularly enabled me to understand my triggers, address my obstacles and get serious about taking care of myself. In addition to the one-on-one time, her specific meal plans, recipes and guidelines were a huge help  --Chris